Wine more than the grape..


You have heard it, I believe too many times. Could I have a glass of chardonnay/ merlot or the more regular sauvignon blanc. Maybe you do it too?

“it’s like asking for a glass of wine, like any will do”


And yes a grape is a very important element of a wine. You should share and maybe ask for it. It will guide you to many options. If you like Sancerre or New Zeeland sauvignon blanc from Marlborough you already give a somm or retailer a lot of information to work with.

If you like New Zeeland sauvignon blanc , you will most likely also like a Spanish Verdejo like for example Rueda. And if you’re a fan of Rioja I challenge you to try some other “Reserva” wines like for example Malbec Reserva wines from Argentinia.

And yes it are all wines you shouldn’t compare with each other. It are wines you could try. With often some similarities but have to be seen as wine from that specific region. From that specific grape.

“if you know how many styles and clones there are from Chardonnay, you will order differently!!!

Specially the Chardonnay grape is very versatile. Add to it the many clones now available and thousands of options are presented. Oaked or un oaked. New or used. 3 months or 9 months. Light toast or dark toast. American or French? Cool climate or warm climate. Sunny side or hillside. Valley or the mountain. Loam or chalk grounds. On the “lies” or softly pressed. Soaked for an hour or for days? Young vines or old. Low yields or high yields, Classic or modern,  Racked or not …….and the story will go on.

So ordering a chardonnay is like buying a house you have never seen.

With all the consequences open.  So I hear you think shouldn’t I drink chardonnay? In fact You really should. (by the gallon as frank Sinatra would say) Probably the best white wines in the world are made of it. From highly appreciated white burgundy till famous oaked chardonnay from California. (Bernardus) Or like I had recently a chardonnay barrique from Republic of Macedonia. It’s a grape you will find almost anywhere.


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