3 wines for Valentines Day



For the love of your life or the love of wine…

This time I like to share with you my three wine tips for valentines day. In short classic, sweet and sparkling.

The classic suggestions is the famous cru of Beaujolais. Saint Amour (French for Love)  made of the Gamay noir a jus blanc. The name and many bottles are all in the style of love. Saint amour is in the North of Beaujolais. The taste is fruit forward with elegant acidity. A wine that many women and men surely can appreciate. The fruity aroma’s you can find are for example Kirsch, spices, peony, iris, raspberry and violet. Like all wines make sure you find the right producer for you. Specially on a day like this!

“Light sparkling rose water with red fruit flavours.”

My sweet suggestion: Brachetto d’aqui. This is a light sparkling wine from Italy. From the Piedmont region in northern Italy. Made mostly of the Brachetto grape from in and around the village of Acqui. (some other red grapes are allowed) It’s a combination of floral flavours like roses together with lots of red fruit like strawberry and raspberry. Serve it with the fresh strawberries you bought for your lover. Enjoy it together in the afternoon or let it guide your red fruit based dessert in the evening. It’s a little sweet temptation, with moderate alcohol.

“Did you know that Brachetto d’Aqui is made on demand?

Grapes are stored in a cold place and produced during the year.

The Special suggestion: Sparkling wine. For example wines made according the “Methode traditionelle” like Champagne (previous blog), Cava and Crémants. Because your lover is worth it. Some people need special moments for Bubbles. And yes Valentine is a special moment (just as Monday and Sunday) If you really want to make this day special. Then this is yours. No matter what it will bring you style and elegance. Something you’re looking for on this day..

All depending on the favourite taste of your partner

Enjoy the journey of wine...


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