Alsace Grand Cru


A great wine to look out for…


The Alsace is a blessed wine region. Romantic Cities, great cuisine and many Grand Cru’s to look out for. Infact in two ways. The first when you ride through this beautiful region. Specially by car you can and will miss a grand cru vineyard or two.  Luckely there are enough to find (51 grand cru vineyards check them out here) throughout the region from north to south. All with there personal styles grapes and soils.

In fact next couple of weeks I am focussing on them. All ready found two Grand crus I didn’t taste before. The Grand cru Florimont, just above Colmar. (between Katzenthal and Ingersheim) and the Grand Cru Frankenstein near Dambach la ville (Nice wine/history/culture/geography film included).

The Grand cru Florimont was round,elegant , subtile and very pleasing. With nice aromas. A wine that can stand alone or go perfect with food. Really a wine for everyone. The Grand Cru Frankenstein made of the pinot gris had this nice balance of acidity and a touch of sweetness. ripe with for me really pleasing lychee smell and taste .


So do you know all the Alsace Grand Crus?

I made it my new quest to check them of. From Brand ,Sporen, Rangen and so on. I hope you will try them soon too. In de mean time check this trailer of an upcoming documentairy L’Invisible about the Alsace. released 22 September. Looked very good. so go see for your self.

Make it a great wine journey !!!







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