The many faces of Beaujolais


(or gamay noir a jus blanc)

Beaujolais is not only a great wine. It’s an example why we must educate the wine consumers more. Maybe starting with you ?

It’s more than one grape and a region. It’s about soils, winemakers and much more…


I was inspired for this blog, by the line up I had at my home; A nice Brouilly (Brouilly Briante) and Morgon (Les Charmes) from the great Domaine Bel Air. I started with the Brouilly. Infact a wine I didn’t taste for quite a while.

You always ask yourself why?

Most likely because of his big brother and sister; Moulin a Vent and Fleurie. (And because wine study guides you to other regions to focus on.) Any way the Brouilly  had nice ripe red fruit like plums and a scent of roses with an elegant acidity at the back. The Morgon I tasted after was full of cherry with a lingering cherry acidity at the back.  Both from the same grape, totally different.

In fact all the Cru’s of the Beaujolais have their own style and taste. So time to (re)discover these beautifull wines. Go find them in the wine store and/ or learn more on their site Beaujolais or Discover Beaujolais (with nice infographics)


map of Discover Beaujolais

Ps. Great wines comes from great producers !!!

On your Journey of wine.....


One thought on “The many faces of Beaujolais

  1. Agreed, it’s great to educate wine consumers from all around the world not to have any preconcieve ideas about any wine.
    Beaujolais wine has come a long way since it was all about mediocre Beaujolais Nouveau wines. Huge acreage of vines have been pulled out in the area, most often on the less qualitative soils and terroirs. Now remains many old vineyards on the best sites such as in Cru villages, and they produce excellent well-made and characterful wines.
    Even Beaujolais Nouveau I find are pretty decent these days, as an example the one made in 2016 by the biggest winery in Beaujolais: Georges Dubeouf taste pretty nice
    I’ve also reviewed quite a few wines from Beaujolais of outstanding quality, like the ones of Chateau Moulin-a-Vent, 90+/100 pointers they are. My Beaujolais reviews at
    Thanks for sharing this useful info and the passion Vincent 🙂
    Cheers. Julien

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