Are Dutch and Belgium Wines ready ?


Are dutch and belgium wines ready for the international wine market, are they ready to be tasted by you ?


Yes they are. Last few years I tasted a couple, some I still have to like the Château Bon Baron out of Belgium ( I am sorry Jeanette, will try it a.s.p. ) 2 years ago I was super amazed when I tasted a wine from “De Koen” a small winery near my hometown. And going to the Apostelhoeve is like going to one of the top wineries in the Netherlands. Probably the most know by the way.

Did you even know that there’s a vineyard on Texel (one of the Isles in the far north of the Netherlands) Great white wines from Johaniter among others: De Kroon (Crown) of Texel

And of course my favorite, St Martinus. A winery lead by Stan Beurskens, a man with passion and vision. In fact he’s a Dutch Flying Winemaker. How great is that.

If you don’t know Dutch or Belgian wines. Make sure you take a look at Tasty Tales. And offcourse don’t forget; you can only judge when you tasted it 😉

Love to hear you respond.

Wine greetings to you all


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