Is wine study a madness?


You can learn all the information about a wine region. But does it realy make sense ?

Because isn’t so that every wine producers makes his own signature. His own way of wine making.

Take for example Rueda. One region same rules. Complete different wines by producers.

So why study?

First of all, you will know the grapes, soils,climate, region and much more. And yes you don’t know the outcome. For example see the picture

Same region complete other taste. (I liked the one on the right more but than again that’s personal)

So you shouldn’t study? No you Should study your arse off but taste Some more

Follow a winecourse go to tastings get a diploma or certificate And start all over again I am sure you allready forgot something.

We all do, but the thing is together you learn more.

Because you And I life our own set lives, I got my own grandmothers closet and own set of favorite tennis balls.

You’re grass smells better then mine or is greener 😉

Point is if you taste with more people you can build up you liberary. People got their own favorite words and if you agree you can underline them in your tasting notes and maybe use them the next time you taste another wine.

So go out there. Follow a winecourse and taste all the great wines you can .


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