Wine problems uncovered


Do you know what wanders me? And maybe you too?

People are buying wine from everywhere from everyone.

Wine book

Like the great Barolo or classic icons like Sancerre sold in the supermarket for discount prices. And yes some will taste it and don’t like it and will put this great wine on the side. He wasn’t good.

For example Sancerre; too much acid.  The complete name of Sancerre for example is written off, because this one thinny little bottle people bought at a supermarket.

How could this be?

Far more important: What can we do about it?

Should we make and put stickers on the bottle like Barolo style wine, Should we keep shouting out the big names of these areas , like they are the standard norm (What is that norm anyway ?)

Should we give one wine lesson on every school? (at the legal age), Should we take out all the bad wines (again what was the norm ? )

Any way point of this story;

Be carefull what to order or buy. You probably haven’t found the best one jet 😉

What’s your idea ??



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