Sh#t the F#ck up I am Tasting



There you are having a wine tasting. Get poured a little bit in the glass and you can start smelling the aromas of the wine


In the mean time the Salesmen or women or producers representives will tell you all about the wine domain. What they do , how many acres etc. etc. etc.

“You’re still trying to smell!!”

After a couple of minutes, the silence is back. So great! You can try to smell it one more time before (the best) moment to taste it.

So now you can taste!!

You take a nip slurping swirling what ever and then..Then you get the story of the grapes, when they where harvest, the ripeness, the grownseason , the specific amount of grapes used, how he is aged, stored, racked, the fermentation the wood new, old or both. The temperature.

You know the works. Finishing with:

Do you like it Sir ?

Then you can nod yes, because most likely you still have the wine in your mounth because you didn’t had that much time to taste it. You where listening to the story.

Just give me the bottle and I will taste him all day at home , much better for me 😉





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