10 ways to enjoy your spirits & liquors more !!!


Did you know that most people are drinking their spirits & liquors wrong ? One way or another. They think or follow other people to just consume it sometimes in a second. So how about you ?

Are you really enjoying your “expensive” spirits or drinking it like a maniac ?

So now I like you to try the following things instead.

Next time you get / buy or whatever

1.) First look at it and smell it. Which senses can you pick up, how are the beautiful legs on the glass ?

2.) Shut up for one minute

Take a nip, wait till the alcohol finished burning in your mouth (your taste senses are in a huge shock) then chew  on it for a minimum of 60 seconds  ( and yes if you talk a lot the minimium is 120 seconds for 3 times 😉 )

3.) Get some air in your mouth now and then.

First if you don’t breath you most likely not make it for a minute, second because of the air you can pick up more senses to enjoy.

4.) Enjoy the after taste

Yes I know you have been silence for a minute or more, but really don’t forget the after taste. What do you feel in your mouth, how long is the taste lingering in your mouth, which is the most dominant taste that last ?


5.) Try it in more different ways and from different producers

First I allways like it without any addictions, just straight up. No ice (cold is a taste killer) No garnish (I hate the dominant lemon slices). Here after you are free to add anything you like, build it the way you like it.

6.) Pick the right time.

So you have a grappa in the morning, and champagne with your breakfast, easy as that . Now for reall. make sure where and when and how you’re going to drink it. Some are aperitiv and some are for the digestion.

7.) Pick the right amount

Not only in the glass butt aswell the amount in your mouth. It’s no beer and definitly no water. Just enough to taste it probably. not to little not a lot.

8.) Make notes and pictures

Yes you may finaly use your phone, make pictures of the bottle so you can allways find it back, plus try writte some tasting notes, first you can remember him better second you can share it with your friends.Feel free to make some notes what you liked about it or didn’t like and how he smells or taste. Next time you will go in a shop you can tell them what you liked and they can easily give you some more alternativs because of that.

9.) Allways take two sipps

And I mean allways, no matter how bad he tasted how awfull he was. Take two sips. We people are strange persons. If we don’t like something we focus primarly on that. So if you take one sip he will only taste like that, the first impression will be the one and only you have. And in fact it’s a rule for everything like for example food allways taste it twice!!

10.) Moderation

Yes drinking, tasting or however you call it, is fun. keep it fun. First you want to remember what you’ve tasted or have done 😉 second you still want to be alive tomorrow, to life another day. So you will be able to go straight to home afterwards.

Some great tips !!!

1.) Why not go for the smallest bottle

First it’s manageable, second it will be fresh, will cost less and gives you room for other spirits to try ( first in the cabinet , second in the wallet)

2.) Go for premium brands or quality

Yes quality is better then quantity. We only life one time. So go for the good stuff

3.) You can find the best ones in winshops and specialstores

and not at your …….


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