How to survive the mosel !!!


Getting your way through the mosel is like sailing a boat on the ocean without a compass. yes there are signs along the road, many signs big small yellow, brown, white every color , just name it.

but most are not made to drive, watch and read at the same time. So you can stop every hundred meters or so or ?

Or you can plan your visit in advanced, I really hope you would, because I didn’t. So make a plan, create a list of wine producers you really like to visit, maybe give them a call ( so you know when they’re open, and you don’t have to wait or wonder where to go next) plan it in every detail.It’s a bussy world out there many bustours, tourists, cars bikes

You want to taste the best wines and ofcourse some hidden gems along the way. so plan with some open loops

One thing it’s true. The mosel is a great and beautiful place you should visit once (every year 😉  )
IMG_0615 great looks, great difference in soils ( in a couple of meters)  and great mostly dry, fresh wines !!!


Weingut Breit my hidden gem


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