Wine is mood & moments


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When you look to wine there are two major things that will come along. How is your mood and how is your moment.

For example i like to drink some sherry now and then. Kind of you having the mood for it. And then one sunny day you have the moment to drink it. 10259901_558357704278107_4630098100937002359_nA nice Fino or Manzanilla. Maybe the weather is more rainy and cold. Then your mood will tell you to drink some Amontillado or PX. ( there’s one question i allways ask why are these sherry bottles so big ? ).

Sometimes you feel like to have a nice Burgundy. for me mostly when i have the conversation with my friend Murphy (me,myself and I) A special meeting in which you ask your self. where you are and what you still need to learn! Do you have to restudy Germany or dive in to the wine…

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