The reason you have to select your own wine


You can follow all the wine critics or go blind on your sommeliers choice. And that’s not a bad thing. But what I generaly believe is sometimes you just have to find your own. Or just make a crazy move. And yes i know you have your favorite ones, But then again there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you like a great Bordeaux try a nice so called “Bordeaux” blend from another country like Italy or Libanon. If you like Burgundy red wines you will be definitely love most of the German Spatburgunders. And of course you can use the help of the sommelier or the wine sales men. Just ask !! Give them a frame to work with: I like a nice Bourgeil which other wine can you recommend? For example the Lebanon Cabernet franc from AuroraWine book?  And enjoy a new kind of wine for you. Luckily we all like different wines, cars and women. So be specific, learn from every wine what you really really like or admire. Write it down and use it for your next wine pick.

Let me know want adventures wines you have selected in the box below


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