Wine wanna haves


Wine lovers gadgets

The Lampion Nikki

The Lampion: Wine cooler, music box and light in one

The Lampion

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Wine chill

The wine chill: keeps your wine cold or cools your wine. easy to pour

The wine chill

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Le Creuset

The best way to remove old corks

Le creuset

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Leeff bottle light

Elegant candle light

Bottle light

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Bring your logo to the table and make sure that the amount of wine is profitable.

Wijn winst logo

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Some of the coolest stuff you can find. which one is your favorite ?

Or am I missing some cool other stuff !!!!

Wine greetings from holland

Vincent Bakker

De 3 leukste wijn proefpakketten



Wijn proefpakketten zijn tegenwoordig super leuke producten geworden. Maar zeg nou zelf een proefpakket met 2 flessen van dezelfde wijn zit je toch niet op te wachten. (Dat is een combinatiedoos)

In willekeurige volgorde kan ik je de volgende pakketten in ieder geval aanbevelen:

De Wijnbox; keuze uit verschillende uitvoeringen. Bijvoorbeeld de hele wereld of Frankrijk. Leuk voor dat proeverijtje thuis of om natuurlijk zelf te ontdekken. In ieder geval is ervoor alles gezorgd.

Taste club van Grapedistrict; proefdoos of wijnabbonnement. leuke wijnen en super gepresenteerd. Ik kijk er in ieder geval elke maand weer naar uit. Divers en uitdagend.

Andere wijn; doe is gek, doe iets anders. Leuke mooie en uitdagende proefpakketten om diverse landen te ontdekken.

Probeer het uit, gegarandeerd proef plezier.

Vinueze groet,

Vincent Bakker


De coolste gadgets voor wijnliefhebbers


Wine chill

Er zijn tal van “nieuwe” en gave wijn producten. Hieronder een aantal die zeker menig wijnliefhebber zou willen hebben.

The Lampion; Geweldige combinatie van licht, geluid en wijnkoeler in één.

Bottle light bij leeff; mooi vormgegeven waxinelicht of kaars houder

Winechill; makkelijke en stijlvolle manier om een fles wijn koud te houden ( of extra snel te koelen)

Wijnwinst; zeker voor horecaondernemers de ideale manier om de juiste schenkhoeveelheid te garanderen (ook natuurlijk een mooie manier van branding van elk ander bedrijf.)

Coravin; de ideale manier om “betere” wijnen vaker te proeven. (of de wijn te controleren)

Le Creuset; een echte wijnliefhebber zeker van oudere wijnen kan natuurlijk niet zonder.


Heb jij of weet jij nog andere gadgets dan hoor ik het graag

Met Vinueze groet,

Vincent Bakker

ps wil je meer weten over wijn kijk voor wijninformatie sheets op

Wine more than the grape..


You have heard it, I believe too many times. Could I have a glass of chardonnay/ merlot or the more regular sauvignon blanc. Maybe you do it too?

“it’s like asking for a glass of wine, like any will do”


And yes a grape is a very important element of a wine. You should share and maybe ask for it. It will guide you to many options. If you like Sancerre or New Zeeland sauvignon blanc from Marlborough you already give a somm or retailer a lot of information to work with.

If you like New Zeeland sauvignon blanc , you will most likely also like a Spanish Verdejo like for example Rueda. And if you’re a fan of Rioja I challenge you to try some other “Reserva” wines like for example Malbec Reserva wines from Argentinia.

And yes it are all wines you shouldn’t compare with each other. It are wines you could try. With often some similarities but have to be seen as wine from that specific region. From that specific grape.

“if you know how many styles and clones there are from Chardonnay, you will order differently!!!

Specially the Chardonnay grape is very versatile. Add to it the many clones now available and thousands of options are presented. Oaked or un oaked. New or used. 3 months or 9 months. Light toast or dark toast. American or French? Cool climate or warm climate. Sunny side or hillside. Valley or the mountain. Loam or chalk grounds. On the “lies” or softly pressed. Soaked for an hour or for days? Young vines or old. Low yields or high yields, Classic or modern,  Racked or not …….and the story will go on.

So ordering a chardonnay is like buying a house you have never seen.

With all the consequences open.  So I hear you think shouldn’t I drink chardonnay? In fact You really should. (by the gallon as frank Sinatra would say) Probably the best white wines in the world are made of it. From highly appreciated white burgundy till famous oaked chardonnay from California. (Bernardus) Or like I had recently a chardonnay barrique from Republic of Macedonia. It’s a grape you will find almost anywhere.




Is tasting a wine difficult? Or is it a skill you can learn. What are the things you have to look out for. And can you taste wine
Yes everyone can taste wine, young to old no matter what.
Tasting a wine is based on some simple rules.
On your Journey of Wine...

Vincent Bakker

Commercial vs Biodynamic wine




Ever seen a winemaker looking to the stars ? Or heard of a “special” day you are not familiar with. Big chance it’s from the biodynamic philosophy. Where some days are better to harvest then others for example.  And yes all wineries are commercial otherwise they didn’t exist. For me the best way is the sustainable way in the broadest scent
It’s been told for years that wine is a natural product. Protected from all the other opinions. Jet so many things have happened. The amount of copper in Bordeaux is enough to make a complete new bell for the church tower.
What’s better  commercial made or biodynamic?..
On your jouney of wine

Vincent Bakker





In the old days it was a lot easier. There where classic wine regions like Burgundy or Bordeaux and you had the new waves from Australia or California. Now classic styles are made in Barrossa and the modern Bordeaux can be found in the stores. What are the pro’s and cons of the modern and classic winemaking styles. If there are any. In fact I believe it’s more and more a mixture of both. Like classic wines with modern technology or visa versa modern wines with classic influences.
A great example is maybe the famous Spanish red Rioja. Specially the Gran Reserva. Years ago you really was licking the wood. ..
On your journey of wine

Vincent Bakker