Commercial vs Biodynamic wine




Ever seen a winemaker looking to the stars ? Or heard of a “special” day you are not familiar with. Big chance it’s from the biodynamic philosophy. Where some days are better to harvest then others for example.  And yes all wineries are commercial otherwise they didn’t exist. For me the best way is the sustainable way in the broadest scent
It’s been told for years that wine is a natural product. Protected from all the other opinions. Jet so many things have happened. The amount of copper in Bordeaux is enough to make a complete new bell for the church tower.
What’s better  commercial made or biodynamic?..
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In the old days it was a lot easier. There where classic wine regions like Burgundy or Bordeaux and you had the new waves from Australia or California. Now classic styles are made in Barrossa and the modern Bordeaux can be found in the stores. What are the pro’s and cons of the modern and classic winemaking styles. If there are any. In fact I believe it’s more and more a mixture of both. Like classic wines with modern technology or visa versa modern wines with classic influences.
A great example is maybe the famous Spanish red Rioja. Specially the Gran Reserva. Years ago you really was licking the wood. ..
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Vincent Bakker


Rioja is the (most) known wine region of Spain. Situated in the north. Most famous for big bold but elegant red wines.  In general made from the Tempranillo grape but many others are used. I can still remember the first time I tasted Rioja.
The first time I was impressed by the wood flavours…….
Ps. Love to hear your comment and or your favorite producer
On your journey of wine

Vincent Bakker

3 wines for Valentines Day



For the love of your life or the love of wine…

This time I like to share with you my three wine tips for valentines day. In short classic, sweet and sparkling.

The classic suggestions is the famous cru of Beaujolais. Saint Amour (French for Love)  made of the Gamay noir a jus blanc. The name and many bottles are all in the style of love. Saint amour is in the North of Beaujolais. The taste is fruit forward with elegant acidity. A wine that many women and men surely can appreciate. The fruity aroma’s you can find are for example Kirsch, spices, peony, iris, raspberry and violet. Like all wines make sure you find the right producer for you. Specially on a day like this!

“Light sparkling rose water with red fruit flavours.”

My sweet suggestion: Brachetto d’aqui. This is a light sparkling wine from Italy. From the Piedmont region in northern Italy. Made mostly of the Brachetto grape from in and around the village of Acqui. (some other red grapes are allowed) It’s a combination of floral flavours like roses together with lots of red fruit like strawberry and raspberry. Serve it with the fresh strawberries you bought for your lover. Enjoy it together in the afternoon or let it guide your red fruit based dessert in the evening. It’s a little sweet temptation, with moderate alcohol.

“Did you know that Brachetto d’Aqui is made on demand?

Grapes are stored in a cold place and produced during the year.

The Special suggestion: Sparkling wine. For example wines made according the “Methode traditionelle” like Champagne (previous blog), Cava and Crémants. Because your lover is worth it. Some people need special moments for Bubbles. And yes Valentine is a special moment (just as Monday and Sunday) If you really want to make this day special. Then this is yours. No matter what it will bring you style and elegance. Something you’re looking for on this day..

All depending on the favourite taste of your partner

Enjoy the journey of wine...


O porto I love you …


Port isn’t port

( and I really love a glass of port)

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“Oporto I love you”

Port is like wine. Something that comes with many faces. And I am not only talking about styles. Like Ruby, Tawny or Vintage for example. I am talking about Producers or Port houses. Many with English backgrounds

Read on ..

Love to hear your comment on your favorite port house.

ps never forget to order the right port. On your journey of wine.

Vincent Bakker

Down under Austria, great Grüner Veltliner


Japanese cuisine


I have a confession to make. I didn’t appreciate the Grüner Veltliner in the beginning. Maybe because I didn’t understand him. Maybe because the first encounter wasn’t the perfect one. The wrong bottle or not the right producer (for me).
But now I can tell you full hearted. I love this grape, I like this wine. And man if you combine it with food you always run out of one of them. Last time for example with Salmon. Sniff Slurp Bite repeat and the glass really needed some refill. Sniff Slurp bite and I really needed some more Salmon.
“For me great wine and food pairings must be this way“
Grüner Veltliner is the most known white grape of Austria. Specially in the North in the so called Niederösterreich region.  The biggest quality wine region of Austria. (aka Qualitätsweinbaugebiet) Other grapes are planted like Riesling, Weissburgunder, and Chardonnay for the white. And blue grapes like the famous Zweigelt, Pinot Noir or St Laurent.
Grüner Veltliner, In general a fresh , alive and spicy white wine. You can recognize him often  by the flavour of white peper. Other flavours are stone fruits like yellow apple and green pear and often some chervil and green beans. The “best” Grüner Veltliner are wines from the so called DAC regions (Districtus Austriae Controllatus).  In short special region-typical quality wines. Whereby the fresh style are labelled “Classic” and the more rich and peppery style “Reserve” or “Smaragd”
The so called “smaragd” wines are in general from the Wachau region. Where they use “steinfelder” for low alcohol and fresh wines. “Federspiel” for average alcohol white wines and “smaragd” for the best quality wines. That can be kept for a long period. And is closed with a natural cork!
Any way I really hope you will try one (or all) of this great wines. Easy to recognize by the Austria Flag on the top. Taste it alone or with fish like I did or maybe with some Japanese cuisine. Ginger,Yuzu and Wasabi pairs in general  very well with the great “Grüner Veltliner”
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Don’t Cry for me Argentina, Malbec..




The truth is Malbec is original French grape variety. But not all people did like him so they send him on a distance… It brings wines with a lot of colour and taste and due to the climate a little bit more smooth then the famous French wines of Malbec.
The popularity of the Malbec grape is a combination of facts. You can find price/ value wines at the retailer or you can find boutique examples at the wine store. It’s the elegant full flavour that makes a lot of wine lovers appreciate these wines.

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