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Sometimes you meet a winemaker or taste a wine that is love at first sight. Ximenez Spinola is one of them….

Ximenez Spinola

Ximenez Spinola is famous for Pedro Ximenez or PX , A grape you will love and with many faces. From luscious sweet till Brandy that will conquer your heart. And will stand up next to all the other famous brandies. So give it a try

“Did you know that one of the most famous combinations with the sweet px is with chocolate. Many chocolate dishes will be a great compagnion. Just find out.

ps. many other dishes will do the same.

What makes this producer stand out is the very well balanced and elegant style with different layers in infact every wine of the range. They all have a great intensity in taste and smell.

The wines that I really enjoyed are the Cosecha PX and the Brandy Diez mill botellas. Love to hear your favorite !!!

Tasting at Wineproffessional 2018

Wine tubes the best …


Wine tubes allready are there for a while. only the best one I haven’t seen jet.

Wine tubes

I would love it if you can have wine tubes of Sherry, Port or Madeira. For example.

Picture this the sommelier will come to your table instead of the old fashioned “sigar” box (no smoking allowed) you are offered the best sherry wines in tubes. Fresh sealed and all yours. You can choose the one you like from manzanilla till oloroso. Or Vintage or lbv for port.

I think we all will benefit. the product is great. And the “forgotten” bottles are over. You never know how long that bottle of Vintage port or great Sherry was open. Now you do know

So cheers to the new technologie and serve the best products that will benefit this

On your journey of wine

Vincent Bakker

Wijn & Chocolade


Geweldig lekker of echt vies !!!

Chocolade en wijn kan echt geweldige combinaties en ervaringen geven. Waarbij 1 of beide sneller op zijn dan lief is.

Chocolade & Wijn

Zowel rode wijn als zoete en/of versterkte wijn of diverse likeuren passen goed bij chocolade. Bij Likeuren denk dan aan bijvoorbeeld Drambuie of Frangelico. Ook een heerlijke Grappa (Marzadro 😉 ) is een mogelijkheid

Voor zoete wijnen zijn er vaak de klassiekers zoals Banyuls of Maury. Maar ook bijvoorbeeld de Mavrodaphne de Patras, Moscatel de Sétubal of Elysium.

“Vergeet niet de ene chocolade is de andere niet”

Betreft het combineren met chocolade is er geen echte standaard norm. Het hangt allemaal af van welk type chocolade en in steeds meer gevallen welke smaken (zeezout, caramel , etc.) Daarnaast zit er natuurlijk verschillen in de wijnen door de wijnmaker. Die ene Banyuls is de andere niet. De hoofd druif is Grenache meer dan 50% is de norm (75% voor Grand cru) dus de verhoudingen kunnen verschillen.

Naast die verschillen blijft natuurlijk ook altijd de vraag van wat komt er precies bij. Elysium bijvoorbeeld is een zoete wijn die heel goed gaat met rood fruitige desserts en in het algemeen wat mildere (lees melkachtige) chocolade best aan kan. Rietvallei moscatel of moscatel de Sétubal zijn al wat “rijpere” zoete wijnen die nog steeds vaak fruit nodig hebben in de combinatie maar die al meer “chocolade gehalte” aan kunnen. 

Betreft de rode wijnen doen vaak de wijnen uit bijvoorbeeld spanje het enorm goed: rijpe tonen, niet al te veel tannines en vaak wat hogere alcoholpercentages. Alcohol en chocolade smelten vaak samen als een mooi geheel in de mond. Het proberen waard in ieder geval!! 

Wist je trouwens dat er een speciale port is gemaakt speciaal voor Chocolade? 

Heb jij jou ultieme chocolade combinatie al gevonden ? 

Laat het weten in het reactie veld….

On your Journey of Wine 

Vincent Bakker

Wine, What’s in the name !?!

100% Acolon of Chateau Bon Baron

I got a very good question from a winemaker. Should the consumer (you , me and all the others) be very informed which grape(s) are in the bottle?

Infact what is the fine line of writting the grape his / her name on the bottle. I mean the front label bottle kind of thing.

Should it be 100 % grape or like I partly suggested 85 % (old school learnings ). I still believe that a wine from 85 % and above can name the grape on the label. More is suggested and is  recomended. USP and that kind of thing.

Any thing less shouldn’t and isn’t allowed to put the grape on the front label period!!!

“If you go out to buy Merlot you have to get Merlot”.

If you know what I mean!!!

The main reason I will settle for 85% is for the consumers. Let’s not make it more difficult then it allready is. Above 85% you can be very sure that the wine taste mainly of this one grape. So the consumer can take this as a guiding line. 

And yes the other main grapes of this 15% or less need to be written down on the back label (or on the tech sheet for that matter)

Let’s help the people to choose the right bottles. To guide them in the difficult world of wine.

On your journey of wine

With love

Vincent Bakker




A wine sheet a day…


A wine sheet a day, keeps your knowledge up to date !!!

South Africa Wards

I have learned, I have studied, and I have made 100+ winesheets for myself and maybe for you. I have visit allmost all websites of wine appelations and made out of that the wine sheets.

Allready like to check some out ? 

I allways had a problem keeping my knowledge up to date. Specially of wines (or areas) you are not using at the moment. For example you learned all the AVA’s of Lodi. But if you are not using this information for a period of time you will forget some of them.

And even the wards (picture above) of South Africa are sometimes hard to keep by.

Anyway maybe these sheets can help you too. Hope you like them and love to hear your comments

ps. This week spanisch wine week on my facebook page every day a winesheet of Spain

On your journey of Wine


Vincent Bakker


Commercial vs Biodynamic wine


Wine, spirits, drinks and more



Commercial vs biodynamic (organic)

“How wine can be made”

Ever seen a winemaker looking to the stars ? Or heard of a “special” day you are not familiar with. Big chance it’s from the biodynamic philosophy. Where some days are better to harvest then others for example.

And yes all wineries are commercial otherwise they didn’t exist. For me the best way is the sustainable way in the broadest scent

It’s been told for years that wine is a natural product. Protected from all the other opinions. Jet so many things have happened. The amount of copper in Bordeaux is enough to make a complete new bell for the church tower.

What’s better  commercial made or biodynamic?

I don’t know. For me the taste is far more important than the stars and elements in the sky. And I ‘m definitely not…

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